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Business Start Ups

Getting your finances in the right place

Starting a business is a lot of things - exciting, stressful but of all it's time consuming. There can be lots of new information, skills and responsibilities to contend with. If you need help with setting up the financial side of your business, or you're spending valuable time on your finances when you need to focus on business development or your family, we'd love to help. 

It's estimated that 80% of new businesses will fail within the first two years. It's a shocking statistic & there are multiple reasons as to why a business can fail, but the main reasons are often a lack of cash flow & performance analysis. 



How we can help;

  • Setting up your books

  • VAT registration and advice on VAT schemes (if applicable)

  • Accounting software - which would be the most suitable & training where required

  • Business structure - sole trader or Limited Company?

  • Business expenses & Capital Allowances - what is claimable & accurate record keeping

  • How to pay yourself - advise on most tax efficient way to pay yourself

  • Cash Flow - bank reconciliation & credit control

  • Setting up your financial reports

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