Self Assessment tax returns

Self assessment is a complex subject that is always changing and being updated by the HMRC. What's more it's your responsibility - not the HMRC's - to ensure you are paying the right amount of tax. There are many allowances and reliefs available to help you maximise your tax savings. 

We will prepare your tax return using your up to date accounting records to make sure you benefit from these allowances and releiefs and send it to you for review before submitting on your behalf.

We'll keep you informed on payments required so that you will not miss the HMRC deadline and avoid any costly fines or penalties.

Who needs to file a self-assesment?

You need to file a self-assessment return if you;

  • Were self-employed and earned over £1,000

  • Were a partner in a business partnership

  • Were a company director

  • Have income over £100,000

  • Have income or savings investment was £10,000or more before tax

  • Own land or property that is being let

  • Have untaxed savings or investment income

  • Had income (or your partner's income) was in excess of £50,000 & you claimed Child Benefit

  • Need to prove you're self-employed - for example to claim Tax Free Childcare

  • Had income from abroad that you need to pay tax on

  • For more information visit HMRC

Deadlines & Penalties

The tax year runs from 6th April through to the 5th April the following year. Paper returns are due by 31st October following the end of a tax year, online returns are due by 31st January or within 3 months of the notice to file.

Fines can be costly and can quickly escalate - you will be penalised not only for late filing, but also for missing the payment deadline. Just one day late results in an immediate £100 fine a further daily penalty added of £10 up to 90 days. Then there's the penalties levied when your tax return is incorrect - completing your personal tax return promptly and accurately is essential.

Why not get your return put to bed early & take advantage of our prompt filing rates;

Submit your income & expenditure by 31st July & you will receive a discount of  40%


Submit your income & expenditure by 31st October & you will receive a discount of  20%


Submit your income & expenditure by 30 November & you will receive a discount of  10%


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